Kernow Design’s first ever music video – and what better way to start than with The Velvet Hands?

Here’s a little something I cooked up to promote the Old Bakery Studios as the place to play for bands on tour.

The brief, from Julian Able, was 90 seconds to get across location, some demographics, the great acts that have played here and the excitement of an Old Bakery gig, followed by a CTA (call to action).

Many thanks to the wonderful Hypophora for the use of their track “Spires” off the excellent album “Douse”. Love these guys.

Also thanks to Mood FotoShirt & Tie Productions and FatBob Productions for the footage used.

And special shout out to Liam Jordan for the manly saunter down the corridor 😀

You can find out more about our video service here.

Recently we have been helping the Old Bakery Studios with a brochure design project.

The brief was an A4 trifold brochure and an A3 poster, which feature amongst the styles of print work you can see here. The aim was to get the message out about the huge line-up of acts they have for the Autumn season.

The keys for the design were vibrant autumnal colours, clarity of info and maintaining the established OBS brand.

Brochure design for The Old Bakery
A lot of info expressed clearly in an eye-catching way.
The same info and design moved to fill out the poster.

Thanks Marvel Comics for reminding us how far website design has come since the 90s.

Take a look at the lovingly created Captain Marvel website in all its “early days of the internet” splendour!

It has it all….

Comic Sans – POW!
8-bit technicolor – ZAP!
Jaggy animated GIFs – BAM!
Bevelled frames – KER-SMASH!
Music on/off button – BIFF!
Hit Counter – WHAMMO!

Just imagine this in Netscape Navigator loading a line at a time down the screen for the full glorious 90s website experience.

Of course, you’d have had to get there via

If, however, you are interested in a more up-to-date experience check out our web design services.

To mark the launch of Kernow Design’s Facebook page, we are giving away a free animated logo/ident to one lucky person.

To enter the competition for a professional quality ident such as the ones seen in the video, you need to:

1 – like the Kernow Design Facebook page
2 – share this post (public)
3 – tag a friend in your share (ideally someone with a company or band that could use a video ident)

The winner will be selected on Friday 30th August at Noon, UK time. If it’s you, we will contact you to get a design brief for the ident.

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