What a Week!

Last week we completed 3 website projects, all very different in nature.

The new website for RDR Estates required a new look website and, more to the point, required that it have a searchable database of the properties on offer and that these be dynamically updated from their national feed. The new site also featured a storybrand approach to reaching the main clients, landloards and prospective landlords.

Greg May Services, needed a total branding and launch of a website and Facebook page. We also provided a logo and set up an email address.

And, last but not least, our old friends The Old Bakery Studios required a custom made page. This was to lay out the rules and entry form for a music video competition they are hosting, giving a platform to the young musicians of Cornwall.

We host it here and have provided function for entrants to upload their videos.

All in all a great week.