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There is no doubt that a string social media presence will boost just about any business. But with so many social media platforms available to the modern user, it is often difficult to decide which are the best to use to promote your business.

It would be tempting to post on all platforms, but this is time-consuming. Or you might try setting up auto-sharing of, for example, website posts on all media. This approach, whilst possible and something we can assist with, is not necessarily the best solution. This is because formats can vary a lot from platform to platform. Instagram, for example, has very different rules for its use, but is a great way to engage with a casual, generally younger audience. A post that looks good on your website or on Facebook may look bad on Instagram.

Obviously, social media platforms would like to sell you ads, post boosts and a variety of other services. but are these going to get you the kind of return on investment that you would like?

So you need to identify which platform to use on the basis of the following questions:

  • How much work is involved for me in writing a post on this format?
  • How much ‘reach’ does this format have?
  • Can posts to this format be automated?
  • How often should I use this format for best results?
  • Which media (video, image, text) will get me the return I want on my time and money spent?
  • Are paid ads and boosted posts going to get a good return on investment?

We will help you look at your business and its social media presence through the lens of these questions and set up systems for you to maximise your business potential